Smoke Fire and Angels by Mark Robinson

Tragedy on Avon Mountain and the Life-Changing Aftermath by Mark Robinson

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tragedy on Avon Mountain

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Smoke, Fire and Angels is an inspiring story about people suddenly confronted with extreme adversity. Under the worst of circumstances, they showed the best in human nature. In the same spirit of the rescuers who bravely stepped up on that tragic day, I urge you to help the victims of the Avon Mountain crash. All book proceeds will go to those most seriously affected by the tragedy. This is a very worthy effort, which I fully support.
-- Jim Calhoun, Hall of Fame mens basketball coach, University of Connecticut

... rare insight into what can happen at the crossroads of criminal neglect and heroism. There is some very good writing here - fueled by instinct, talent and passion. Robinson describes the arriving angels this way: "They came from the north, south, east and west. They came from above. They came in fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and helicopters. They came with the latest in training and equipment. They came with nothing but their bare hands and humanity." But thanks to Mark Robinson's effort, their deeds will live on, and inspire others.
-- Lary Bloom, Connecticut magazine

As a resident of the Farmington Valley for more than two decades, I know Avon Mountain's history very well. Smoke, Fire and Angels is the dramatic, inside story about the most tragic chapter in that history. You'll meet the people whose lives were on the line, and the heroes who came to their rescue. By donating all the proceeds to crash victims and their families (excluding the author, who was one of the seriously injured), this book provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in the community spirit that shined through on that very dark day.
-- Jerry Franklin, president and CEO, CPTV and WNPR Connecticut Public Radio

The gripping story of a "perfect storm" accident as told from the perspectives of various participants, (Smoke, Fire and Angels) is a human drama that shows how tiny details added up to a tragedy that claimed four lives and caused 19 serious injuries. Author Robinson, himself injured in the accident, has a keen eye for reporting the details of a series of choices that resulted in the disaster. His skill at story-telling and his unique method of relating what happened impressed the festival judges and won him the top prize of the competition.
-- New England Book Festival

I was in Farmington the day the crash occurred. Jennifer and I discussed this tragedy at length and its effect and impact on all the families especially the Stotler family due to the death of their husband and dad. Mark Robinson has reached out to fight for a cause and help his neighbors. This book highlights the human loss and losses to society that occurs due to thoughtlessness and greed. The outcome of the recent trial highlights how slowly and poorly our so-called "justice" system works -- it is a system fraught with built-in, unnecessary delays which speaks of, but does little to provide for victims' rights as those victims and their family members are required to wait and wait and wait. Mr. Robinson has done his best to pull some good out of an unnecessary and terrible tragedy. As the proceeds go to the victims, you now all have the chance to help a neighbor.
-- William A. Petit, Jr., M.D., president, Petit Family Foundation

After the cameras have gone away, and the headlines have faded, why should we continue to care about the fatal accident on Avon Mountain? Mark Robinson gives us many reasons in this compelling, thoughtful and thorough account of the tragedy and its aftermath.
-- Diane Smith, author and host of All Things Connecticut on CPTV

"Comprehensive and disturbing! Mark Robinson has painstakingly researched and masterfully woven the facts we knew of the Avon Mountain disaster with those we didn't know. We sense Mr. Robinson's personal anguish in the telling. We agonize with the victims and are thankful for the angels, the responders who attended to the injured. And we are especially angry at the injustice that a company with over 1,100 safety violations was still able to obtain over a million dollars in Connecticut state contracts. Smoke, Fire and Angels is important, troubling and a must read."
-- Bruce Stevens, radio host, WJMJ Radio

"The Avon Mountain crash had a major impact on the State of Connecticut and the Greater Hartford community. As a member of that community, and because one of our own employees was seriously injured, ING wants to do its part to help in the aftermath of the tragedy. We welcome the opportunity to support the effort to raise funds for the families who lost loved ones in the crash and are now facing financial hardships."
-- Tom McInerney, chairman and CEO, ING Americas

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